Director’s Message

The Civil Servies (IAS)/Staff Selection Commission (SSC), with its unique aura and inexplicable charm beyond any comparison around it, is a great motivator for the youth brimming with ideas and ambitions - to architect and build India into a great Nation.

A majority of the candidates give a try to these exams because of a temporary motivation stimulated by the success stories they hear and read about.

The initial high emotion slowly wanes with every passing day. It is half determination and less expectation that is found in a majority of the candidates around the time of examination. They do a last minute preparation without much effort towards a systematic preparation. They get into a mind set of casual approach to this examination. They treat it as one more competitive exam and yet another casual attempt at one more career opportunity. There is no systematic preparation, no effective training nor continous focus on the goal in this approach.


A long term program of preparation.

A well determined goal of IAS/SSC/Bank/Railways and other Services in focus.

A disciplined rigorous process of learning and training.

Practicing with all perseverance. The above would bring the success even to a student who is academically found to be average.

Group of Directors:

  • Pradeep Rai
  • Mohd. Nasim Siddiqui
  • Dilip Kushwaha
  • Ravi Sinha
  • Mukesh Baranwal